Thursday, November 1, 2012

How does a predator choose their victim?

  They get close to your family and gain your trust. They see what your family needs or what they desire but can't afford and they buy that item for your family as if they were a generous good guy.

They offer to babysit your children so you the parents can go out and have a much needed good time.

They offer to buy your child things you can't afford. Your guilt is overwhelming and you agree.

They suggest a sleep over because that will give you a break.

They offer to give you a break and offer to pick your kids up from school, with the intention of grooming your child and gain their trust.

With young boys they offer to take them fishing or to a ball game. All with the intention of gaining their love and trust.

They start a dialog with your child that suggests to your child they know your child better than you. They love your child more than you.

Children only know fun and they are excited to get the gifts they weren't getting before the predator came into their life.

After all this soon they make their move.

Sometimes they don't buy anything because they use a different tactic. Especially if they are a family member. They threaten to kill the parents and siblings if their victims tells.

Look for signs and most important talk to your children and don't be afraid to tell them if anyone does anything to them, touches them, says inappropriate things to them, they can tell you anything and they won't be in trouble. They can even tell a nurse at school.



  1. Good day! I can notice the fact that you really understand what you are speaking about. Do you a special education which is somehow linked with the topic of this post? Can't wait to see your reply.

  2. I was 5 years old when I was first sexually abused. My mother answered an ad in a newspaper and placed me with strangers because her new husband didn't want children from another man. This is where it all began and my inspiration for writing my book " A Child Has No Voice." Thank you for your comment. The more we talk about sexual abuse the more we will all learn and heal.


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